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The Learned Noblewoman

Aut Vincere Aut Morri

Kiwi the vodka drunk punch monkey
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I'm a displaced Kiwi from Rotorua, New Zealand. Now living in the hell that is Pennsylvania Amish country. I major in english with plans to go on to a full education degree.
academic snobbery, alternative lifestyles, alternative religions, ancient egypt, andy kaufman, anthropology, anti-feminist, anti-fluff, anti-silver ravenwolf, anti-wicca, anti-wiccan, anti-wiccans, atheism, bengt ankarloo, bisexuality, bloodletting, bloody mary, books, bowling for columbine, buddhism, chick tracts, classical mythology, comedy, comparative religions, dark paganism, donnie darko, dvd, egypt, egyptology, evolution, fetish, folklore, free will, geek, gilda radner, gnosticism, hate, heresy, heretics, hinduism, historical books, historical novels, history, homestar runner, humanism, humor, insanity, intelligence, language, large vocabularies, left hand path, left-hand path, life, linguistics, literary debate, literary discussion, literature, madonna, marilyn manson, mel brooks, michael moore, myth, mythology, non-fiction, novels, occult, occult studies, occultism, pagan, paganism, pagans, pantheism, parapsychology, parody, peking opera, philosophy, poetry, poets, polytheism, pro-suicide, psychology, queen elizabeth i, randomness, rant, reading, religion, responsibility, rhetoric, ritual, sacrifices, sacrilege, sagas, sanskrit, satanism, satires, self deification, self knowledge, self-actualization, self-knowledge, self-worship, shakespeare, short stories, sociology, solitary witches, spirituality, stamp collecting, strongbad, studying, superstition, teen girl squad, the cheat, the renaissance, the self, theatre, theology, tibet, tracts, voodoo, voudoun, witch, witchcraft, writing